WE are NOT!:

A seminar company, selling information from hotel room to hotel room. We will not give you a 1-800 number to call a “mentor” in another state 24 hours a day.

WE are NOT!:

People that once did real estate “back in the day”.

WE are NOT!:

Selling webinars, dvd’s or seminars online, or selling you information to the next “guru”, or seminar company; so they can sell you another “shiny object”.

WE are NOT!:

A group of Realtors, telling you to get a real estate license to sell houses for a commission


We ARE Real:

A community of real, like-minded, people committed to succeed together. We are active in TODAY’S market, doing Real Estate every day, working TOGETHER to close more Real Estate deals AND we answer our own phones!

We Are Local:

With a 10,000sq ft. office in Riverside, 17 offices occupied by 20+ full time Real Estate investors. We are doing deals in all 5 counties of Southern California (Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino) and looking to expand.

We ARE Sold Out:

  • - Sold out to leaving a homeowner in a better spot than we found them!
  • - Sold out to integrity and character!
  • - Sold out to leaving a legacy!
  • - Sold out to providing YOU with a REAL OPPORTUNITY to make positive changes in your life.
  • - Sold out to Inspire and encourage YOU, to make an impact on the lives of the people that mean the most to YOU!

We ARE Successful:

In the past few years, as the rest of the nation has been in a recession, NWAC has seen growth every year! In this economy, millions of dollars worth of Real Estate transactions have been completed by club members. Down Economy = Opportunity


Club Membership Benefits

All members will be provided with current, relevant education, taught by the actual local investors that are doing the deals personally. You will learn what works today, from real people who are investing today.

All members are provided with on-going training and support through monthly meetings.  The club format is used to continue to distribute the most up to date information to keep its members on top of market changes and learn what is working currently.

The club has members with various experience.  Some members have zero experience in real estate while others have closed one or two deals.  More experienced investors have done dozen of deals.  The founders have been involved in over a hundred deals. Mentoring, coaching, as well as the potential to partner with more senior investors in deals.

A huge benefit from the club atmosphere, is being able to stay encouraged and inspired by being around investors that are closing deals. Working hand in hand with like minded individuals who are committed to success.


How Do I Join?

New Wealth Advisors Club is not open to the public.  You must be referred by someone in the club.

You may request a conversation with a senior investor who will begin the pre-screening process.  If that investor believes you have potential to be a good fit inside the club – you will then be invited to attend a 2 hour club overview.  These overviews are at various times and offered free of charge to give new applicants the ability to meet the founders and see the organization. At the end of the overview, you may be invited to begin the application process.

The club is funded by its members.  First year dues are $1,200. Yearly renewals are $500 per year. The club has an initial 3 Day intense training (Friday-Sunday 9am-6pm) that must be attended prior to being able to attend the monthly club meetings.

50% ($600) of the first year dues must be paid in order to attend the initial training.   The first year can be financed with a down payment of $600, and the balance paid monthly over 12 months ($50/month).  The 50% down payment can be financed as well.  However, the initial training can not be attended until the down payment is fulfilled.

One additional member of the same household can be added to the primary membership for half price. Additional members of the same household can be added for $250 for the first year.

Renewals are NOT automatic. Members will be evaluated by the founders upon request for renewal.


Money Back Guarantees

  • - If you’re not happy or find that this business is not for you – we have a money back guarantee.
  • - What’s the catch?  Simple-
  • - At the conclusion of Day 1, Day 2 or Day 3 of your initial training you must request a refund in person.
  • - All monies paid will refunded LESS $50 cancellation fee.
  • - At any point after you attend the initial training – you can cancel your membership without any obligation.

*NOTE – you can repeat your initial training up to 3 times a year.


Many others have been right where you are, and are now part of our community, ready to help you get started! Here are a few of our success stories:

“The program you all have put together is ASTOUNDING! Its very scary actually… You have taken away all of my excuses. I am the only missing piece, taking action is the only step left.

After joining the New Wealth Advisors Club, if you find yourself unsuccessful, YOU ARE NOT WORKING! Its as simple as that.”

Tim Wilkinson : Hesperia, CA

“We had heard that Real Estate was the best investment anyone can make, but we never heard how it could be done. We did a lot of research and thought we had it all figured out so we jumped in head first and bought our first properties……..boy were we wrong!!!! After making several bad investment choices and throwing in a ton of cash out of our pockets, we decided that there had to be someone that could REALLY teach us how to play this Real Estate Investing game. We searched for about 18 months and then stumbled across a group of investors that were willing to share their knowledge and hold our hands as we applied what they taught us. What a difference! New Wealth Advisors Club has really helped us achieve things that we never thought would be possible. Now we are building up our Short Sale pipeline and negotiating with banks using none of our own money or credit. The education is phenomenal and the leadership and mentoring are the best we’ve encountered in the industry. Thank you Dave and Melina!!”

Oscar and Rebeca Solares : Murrieta, CA

“I had it on my mind to give you a feedback about the shop. It was really very good and very educational. The info that we got plus the hands on in the field was excellent. With all that information, knowledge, and forms its almost a guarantee for success.I say it almost because some people are not willing. The only people that cannot do it are the ones not willing. Thanks a million!!”

John Cotoi : Riverside, CA

“It is difficult to put into words the change I have gone through since plugging into the New Wealth Advisors Club. I always thought I would work my whole life in the printing industry, working 84 hours a week at times. But now thanks to Dave and Melina I have a business plan that will make me a multiple six fugure income so I can retire early with generational wealth! Thanks NWAC!”

Frank Luna : Fontana, CA

“More on a personal level the first thing that quickly comes to mind for me is how genuinely caring and how much of an extended family NWAC is to me. The relationships that have been formed and nurtured by being associated with NWAC are irreplacaeble. The realization that my goal of becoming a successful Real Estate investor is reachable because I am a member of a community that has excellent leadership, genuine people who care about my success, mentorship, coaching and all the pieces of the puzzle that I need to put me on the best possible path for success. I’m not sure what I would be doing in the world of Real Estate were it not for NWAC. Well actually I do, probably nothing. Staying connected to NWAC is sure to help me help myself.”

Gene Clark : Corona, CA

“Ever since I have gotten involved with New Wealth Advisors it has COMPLETELY changed my life!!!! It has empowered me with the ability to not only dream again but also shown me a way of achieving those dreams!!! Not only that but it has introduced me to a community of like minded individuals and to a mentor that has inspired me to strive to become the person I always knew I could be!!!! I know in my heart there is no better group of people out there and I thank God every day for allowing these people to be a part of my life!!!”

Mike Place : San Bernardino, CA

“Being a part of NWAC community has been an honor; it allows me to be a part of an outstanding group of people, who are positive and ready to take on any challenges that may arise. Thanks to our awesome leaders, Dave and Melina Boswell, who have given so much of themselves to us, they have inspired us to be more than what we are, whatever they want for themselves that is what they want for the community.
Dave and Melina have provided a place where we can get together as a group and are able to express ourselves without being judged by our peers. We are able to celebrate each other’s success, to cry, laugh and have fun together without losing focus of what we are about – CHANGING PEOPLE’S LIVES, ONE PERSON AT A TIME.
I am glad to be a part of NWAC because it has allowed me to be around positive people with the same purpose in mind. When you feel like quitting, they tell you straight up quitting is not an option. I am glad I have “stickability”, because I have gotten to know some cool people who are like family to me.
Thank you Dave and Melina for making this possible. I love you guys.”

Sonia Robinson : San Dimas, CA

“Through this community I have gained so much knowledge and accomplished so many things. The personal growth I have been able to attain is outstanding. I don’t know where else you can get that! I am doing things I never could have imagined a year ago. Aside from the personal growth, I have also been able to purchase my own house. I am a full time teacher, and I really thought that buying a house by myself was out of the question. With the guidance of another investor in the group I was able to reach that goal. Now that I have checked that off my list, I’m on to my next adventure. My best friend Loni and I have our first short sale under contract, and are excited to be using what we’ve learned and the community to make this next step. This group has so much to offer, and being a part of it means so much to me.”

Mandi Cox : Riverside, CA

“It has been my pleasure to be mentored and trained for the last coupe of years by the leadership of New Wealth Advisors Club. At the time I was introduced to NWAC, I knew that I wanted to have passive income and be able to be a stay at home mom when my husband and I have kids. As a teacher, I had no plan or idea for how to make that happen. Not only have I been given the hope that my financial goals are actually attainable, but I have been blessed with the tools, support, and personal development to actually make them a reality! Although I have made some money, the real value has been the realization that with the right mindset, support from more experienced people, and a willingness to work hard, ANYTHING is possible!”

Loni Adcox : Riverside, CA


Dawn’s Mentorship Experience


When I first started this mentorship, I came into this expecting to simply learn and grow in a few areas of my life. One big area was how to better manage my time, other things were to learn to delegate projects to others which would allow me more time to accomplish and focus on things that were most important and needed more attention.

Thru Dave’s mentoring these past 7 weeks, I can honestly say I’ve been blown away in more ways than one. It exceeded any expectations I had, what was awesome to see firsthand week after week, was the commitment and sacrifice Dave made to invest in each one of his students, how he poured into each of us in different ways, because he believes we are all worth it. He knows the direct impact our choices have in our lives, and the importance of taking action. With the tools being provided in the book The Compound Effect, he encouraged & instilled in us those principles and to always be aware and making conscious choices, moment by moment in order to really excel in all aspects of our lives. This is a true testament of what leadership is all about, to better those who you come in contact with, selflessly!!

I was blessed by how God brought 14 people together and week by week the camaraderie, support and encouragement grew, as well as accountability and synergy was created. To know the Lord knew that we would be able to relate to one another regarding certain circumstances in our lives, have common interests, and create long lasting bonds that go beyond this mentorship is special and something I will treasure forever.

For those looking to do this, you owe it to yourself to jump in with both feet and allow Dave to mentor you, what he brings to the table is truly priceless. I encourage you to look to become the extraordinary person you were created to be, to enhance all your relationships, and be effective and successful in all areas of your life, personally, mentally, spiritually, and professionally. This mentorship will stretch, and at times challenge you in great ways that allow you to create amazing opportunities and have breakthroughs which in turn will help to achieve a great life. The journey you will take will be unbelievably worth it, I guarantee you will glean from Dave and other students so much, not to mention grow and learn new and exciting things about yourself and all that you set your mind to accomplish.

Blessings always to you Dave, my friend and mentor!

Student Spotlight: Daniel & Monique

New Wealth Advisors Club students, Daniel and Monique Bergquist, recently chatted with us about their experiences and growth in the club. Initially impressed by the club’s mission to serving others, they are now some of our most dedicated students, who are truly living out the New Wealth Advisors lifestyle. Watch this spotlight video to hear more about their story as business leaders and a married couple committed to following God’s will. We love their spirit, and we think you will too!

Daniel’s Mentorship Experience

Dave’s mentorship class has greatly impacted many New Wealth Advisors Club members, including Daniel Bergquist. We caught up with Daniel after a recent class to see how it’s going, and he filled us in on how his life is changing, both personally and professionally. He is full of excitement for the future and implementing the new strategies he’s learned. Listen to Daniel’s story and tell us your thoughts!

Thomas’ Mentorship Testimonial

New Wealth Advisors Club student Thomas Cargill shares how and why Dave’s mentorship class played such a powerful role in his life. From time management to personal life skills, he’s talks about the takeaways he experienced. His enthusiasm and desire to continually better himself is an inspiration to us and others. Check out Thomas’ story and let us know what you think!

Myke Sells Fix and Flip in Record Time!

Check out New Wealth Advisors Club member Myke Van Ness’ newest house flip! In this video, you’ll get an inside look into his fix and flip process, the importance of a strong team, and the unique details that made this house sell in just ONE day. Whether you’re a real estate investing pro, or just starting to learn, Myke’s story is one you will not want to miss. And don’t forget to comment below with your own flip stories or any questions you have for Myke!

Student Testimonial: Leslie Birkett

One week ago, Dave completed the latest session of his exclusive mentorship program. Over the next four weeks, we will share testimonials with you from his students and give you an inside look as to what the mentorship looks like through a students’ perspective:

Meet Leslie! She has been involved with NWAC for two years and for the past year knew that she wanted to participate in Dave’s mentorship. Leslie just completed the program last Tuesday; continue reading for her perspective and testimonial!



“When I began mentoring class eight weeks ago, I expected to be challenged. I expected I would change. I expected I would learn there is ‘something more.’ Indeed, through these past several weeks I have experienced all this and so much more! Most of the principals in the book were not new to me. Read it before. Heard it again. The key for me, however, is that I had never consistently applied these principals to my life. Darren Hardy states that:

Weʼve lost sight of the good, old-fashioned value of hard and consistent work.

Darrenʼs statement is not new news. There is nothing new under the sun. My parents worked hard and consistently. And so did their parents. And their grandparents. My parentsʼ dedication to working hard and consistently paid off. Of course there is a compound effect. Little things add up to bigger things, good or bad, affirming or destructive. Most intelligent, teachable humans know this. But as Dave has reminded us, knowledge (knowing) is nothing. Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is useless unless you apply it. You have got to DO something with it. Great, so I had the knowledge. But what I needed was to be taught how to apply it. What I needed was a plan. I needed affirmation. I needed support. I needed tools.

Enter Dave Boswell. Enter Darren Hardy and The Compound Effect. Enter accountability, people, homework and a challenge to a real-life application of knowledge, and a wonderful new beginning and fresh start for me!

Godʼs Word is my plumb line, my Manual, my go-to-for-everything. His Word states that “without a plan the people perish.” Without a plan, I will perish. BUT I have to walk. Move forward. Be active. Make wise choices. Develop beneficial, advantageous, healthy, life-giving habits. Build momentum with those habits, propelling forward. The Mentor Class equipped and enabled me to do this. Dave has set me up for success.

As I slowly built momentum in the class, I was reminded of what influences me in my life: associations and disassociations in my life. I was asked to make choices as to whom and what to keep and whom and what to cull or limit. Again, I had been doing this for a few years prior to mentoring, but this chapter, week 6, had me dig deeper, evaluating with whom I spend my time in light of my goals and where I want to go. Hmmmm…a new concept! I delighted in purging (unfollowing) Facebook associations, but found it more difficult to reduce time with friends who I identified as being time thieves. But I am in control, so I have made choices which I am purposing to become habit in how and with whom I spend my time. Freedom! It is all about choices. Am I making choices that are moving me closer to achieving my goals? I remind myself, too, that just because it is a good thing, does NOT mean it is right for me or my family at this time. Maybe Iʼll decide later that a “good thing” it is right for this time. Maybe it never will be.

As our mentoring class draws to a close, I feel a hint of sadness in that I will miss the camaraderie of my fellow mentees in the class setting. Yes, I will purpose to continue friendships and relationships outside of class, but will miss the group dynamics, interaction, and accountability. I have grown quite fond of our group! Because of my experience and my personal growth, I consider this mentoring class to be life-changing. I donʼt say this cavalierly. I have changed. I am continuing to change. I am committed to making choices to achieve my goals, to improve the quality of my life and that of my family and those around me. I want to make a difference. I want to leave a mark and make impact in peoples lives, so that others are better for knowing me or being in my presence. All to the glory of my Heavenly Father. Not me. What good is God and the rest is me. (sound familiar Dave?). It is because of my experience and personal growth that I would recommend the class to those who are looking for a change. For growth and personal development. You must, however, be teachable. It requires dedication, vulnerability, accountability, willingness to be uncomfortable, to serve others, and to follow instruction, and to respond to the knowledge received. It therefore is not for everyone, as not everyone is willing to commit to these things.

It is with excitement and anticipation that I look toward the weeks and months ahead, implementing what I have learned, partnering with my accountability buddy to keep the momentum going, and to being successful! I am indebted to you, Dave, for pouring yourself into my life. I am filled to overflowing.”

Student Spotlight: Blayne and Team Close 1.4 Million Dollar Investment Property!


Blayne Amigliore, a NWAC student and real estate investor, with his company TTS Real Estate and the assistance of fellow NWAC students Myke VanNess, Lisa McGuckin, and Lorena Berkeley, closed a monumental real estate investment property last week. The team found this deal through targeted marketing and grassroots efforts. There were many factors involved in the procurement of this deal, however Blayne stated that he knew he wanted to invest in the property instantly. “I knew the area quite well, so I immediately understood the end value,” Blayne recalled on the San Diego oceanfront home. “My partner and I called Myke the second we stood foot on the property and told him we were in.”



Despite the evident upside to the property, closing the transaction was far from easy, “Navigating the needs of all parties involved while insuring we did not expose ourselves to too much risk was the largest challenge,” Blayne commented. “Having a well rounded group of individuals partake in the project was essential to making it a reality. Each person on our team brought something different to the table from project management, legal counsel, financing, and so forth…” During any rehabilitation project there is much work to be done, and this home was no exception. “We required a full team; we hired an architect, landscape architect, two general contractors, an interior designer, multiple subcontractors, a marketing team… It was a full house,” Blayne reflected on the process. “But the most rewarding part was sharing the end property with the community during the closeout festivity. We hosted a party at the home where we invited people from all over the real estate community to allow them to see first hand what kind of work we do. It truly created a buzz, and the property sold shortly after.”

When questioned on the most valuable lesson learned over the course of the project, Blayne said there is no doubt in his mind that it is the team that made this deal a success. ” I just absolutely have to emphasize the power of team,” Blayne encouraged his peers during Melina’s mastermind on Wednesday night. “This was only successful because of the rapport my company has established with my team and the ways that we all work together to communicate effectively and efficiently.”

And as far as what his payday looked like? “It wasn’t a bad day at the races,” Blayne laughed. “It took 364 days of hard work, and was well worth the wait.”


Want to see pictures? Check out the final result here!

Inside Look: Dave’s Mentorship Program


Last night at NWAC, Dave hosted his private mentorship program for a group of 15 dedicated students who are seeking to grow and develop with some serious accountability. “Real estate is a people business, and students need to dial into their own lives before they can go out and solve other people’s problems,” Dave expressed about the purpose of his mentorship. “This program is designed to get people laser-focused on taking on their own lives and their business.” Within the mentorship, there are small accountability groups to create deeper, more meaningful relationships between the students. The group meets once per week for two hours, and there is homework and assignments throughout the week. “The coaching process involves time management, personal development, and really just dials into empowering them to take ownership of what they have going on in their mind,” Dave affirmed. “Time and time again, we hear the same feedback from students who complete the seven weeks…It’s life changing.”


Melina Speaks on Women in Business

Are you ready to invest in your future? Would you like to learn more about how real estate can kick start your advancement and empower you to take charge of your lifestyle? Then you are in the right place! Melina Boswell, co-founder of New Wealth Advisors Club, was featured on Business Women Rock! through an interview podcast this past week. Business Women Rock! podcasts give insight and a first hand look into the minds of phenomenal business women from all around the world. The host, Katie Krimitsos, selects powerful women and requests that they share how they started their company, what lessons they have learned along the way, and give the real story behind their success. Katie’s desire through this show is to connect real, successful women to everyone out there who is ready for wisdom and inspiration. Click here to take an intimate peek into the life of Melina Boswell; find out who she is, what she is about, and how you can start to learn from her!

Fix and Flip at Capella: The Backyard #2

Fix and Flip

Fix and Flip

Dave Boswell, New Wealth Advisors founder and real estate investor, shows us how to fix and flip a house in Riverside, CA. In this series, he offers tips on how to transform a neglected house into a fast, prosperous sell. This video follows up on the backyard, showing the progress of the new landscape. Through simple improvements within your budget—such as new sod and planters—you can increase the value of fixer-uppers when flipping a house in today’s real estate market, while still staying within your home improvement budget. New Wealth Advisors Club is a community of real estate investors committed to seeing each and every one of our members succeed. Our members not only have access to a world-class real estate investing education, but they also have direct, personal access to our team of successful investing mentors. Learn more about New Wealth Advisors Club, watch other fix and flip renovations, and contact us directly by visiting our website at http://www.newwealthadvisorsclub.com.


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