Founders Message Founders - Dave & Melina Boswell

Published on April 16th, 2012 | by New Wealth Advisors Club


Founders Message – Dave & Melina Boswell

Hello again!  My goodness, where do I begin? So many things happening around here.  First, this is our 2nd newsletter of the year!  To think, just a few years ago we were flat broke, facing bankruptcy.  Now, we have an amazing community of investors helping each other on a daily basis.  God has certainly continually blessed New Wealth Advisors Club.

On that note, we are in daily communication with management to complete the expansion plans.  We will be nearly doubling our space… Adding 6 more offices, expanding our training facility and giving us much needed storage space. We are very excited!

We are expanding our online presence. If you haven’t been to our new website…check it out. We are continually searching for individuals looking to change their lives by learning the ropes in real estate.  We have seen over the past 4 years, the amazing opportunities people have created inside the community by working together with a common purpose.  Never ever under estimate the power of like-minded people joining together.   Unstoppable.  Don’t forget to like us at!/NewWealthClub ,  and .

If you happen to be reading this and haven’t come to check us out…look us up, and see if you have what it takes to join us. We are very selective of who can join our community. Coming to our office is a privilege and if you are fortunate enough to have someone invite you down…recognize a once in a lifetime opportunity. Keep in mind; we are not looking for everyone.

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